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What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that teaches how to increase and maintain wealth, health and harmony. People of today's era still belive in this. Not only this, people today have also started applying the principles of vaastu. According to Veda and Indian Astrology there are five elements (Panchtatva) in Universe that offer benefits only if there is good harmony between vaastu and the five elements. These are air (vayu tatva), water (jal tatva), fire (agni tatva), earth (prithvi tatva) and sky (akash tatva). Most of the rules of the 'Vaastu Purush Mandala' in which there is a man (Vaastu Purush) lying with his head towards the north-east in "64" square grids (Chaturshashthi Chakra). Every god is assigned in different directions.Placement of body parts of Vaastu Purusha in different directions, Panchtatvas (the five- eliments) and the placement of gods and godesses we can define Vaastu Shastra. Acting according to the nature of these Gods and Godesses and keeping them happy and getting good results for it is basically Vaastu Shastra. Dr. Sunil Tripathi's professionalism, expertise and warm personality have earned his a large clientele not only in India but also in Abroad. His focus is on to guide and teach his clients how to create a sacred space in their homes and offices using a contemporary architectural model to be adapted from the science of Vaastu Shastra.


Online Consultation :

This kind of consultation is feasible for people living abroad or in different state and apparently our expert communicates with them via different modes of online networks to share plans and further discussion. Online consultation is exclusive for people stays internationally which also saves their time and money. Implementation is although varies from both on site and off site consultation because here we work only through online without meeting personally.

Personal Visit :

In case of site visit, any one of our vastu expert team members will visit your site and prepare a detailed explanatory report. So, if you are planning to built a new site or renovating the existing one it is right time to consult us for vastu shastra implementation and it's remedies.

Plan Analyzation of the area :

Before doing anything we must plan properly. Most of the construction process are very difficult to alter or modify and expensive too. When you plan to construct a house you must analyze and understand all the Vastu factors, dos and dont's better.

It is easy and comfortable to design a new house as you desire and as per Vastu Shastra, if you understand the basic theory and logic behind Vastu. Whether you build the house with Vastu compliance or not the expenses are going to be same. Hence our advice to people who do no have belief in Vastu to follow the at least the basic rules.

We explain many useful information about the Vastu Rules and methods in this section and has given few House Plans for you to get an idea.

Plot Selection :

One of the major obstacles that come in one's way is the non-availability of sufficient private land either in big cities or small towns. Several things need careful consideration while going for construction of a building. For any building, the site (Kshetra) is the basic requirement and utmost care must be taken in its selection.

The most important of all these is selecting the right plot or the site. Vastu Shastra, therefore, has given the utmost importance to selection of a right plot and has set down several significant principles. There are some important factors that you should always consider while looking for a plot. Whenever possible one should always try to follow the Vastu principles as violation of these principles can destroy the happiness of one's life.

Vaasthu consultancy charges

Vaasthu consultancy through online by mail only
Rs. 1500/-
Site Visit anywhere in Chennai
Rs. 5000/-
Site Visit anywhere within Tamilnadu *
Rs. 10000/-
For drawing a Vaasthu plan for a proposed building ( <= 1000 Sq.ft)
Rs. 5000/-
Vaasthu compliance report ( for houses, flats, building )
Rs. 1000/-
* Excluding travel & lodging - On site (by personal visit), after the receipt of online payment and with a prior appointment.


  1. If you are going to purchase a land, make sure that the land is direction oriented, never go for a rocky area or filled paddy feild for building construction. Give less preference to land on the banks of river, top of hill, very close to temples and near busy roads or railway track.
  2. Never try to design your home yourself, seek the help of an expert and feed him with your requirements so that he can give you good designs strictly adhered to vasthu principle and consuming all modern engineering design concepts.
  3. Never make a design with your maximum financial efficiency, consider only 70% of your financial capacity at the stage of planning.
  4. Never make your design based on maximum level of requirements, your need must be based on criteria’s little above average routine requirements.
  5. Construction of house must be finished in one time within your then budgetary capacity. Never think of building your home in a long term plan.
  6. Try to start the construction at a time when the planetary position in your horoscope is favourable for you. Try to observe the rituals associated with it.
  7. "Sthanom kanal"-(locating house in a plot) is a very important aspect and which can only be done if the house is designed in vasthu for that particular plot. For other plans which are not designed in vasthu, they must be corrected based on vasthu and then only the exact location can be found out. All designs are made based on the identified vasthumandala of your plot.
  8. Never try to copy a plan already built, because it may not match your plot size or direction of orientation, moreover it is not based on your desire or requirement so it will lack the serenity of the mathematical analysis of vasthu.
  9. You yourself must make sure that the contractor observes the dimension given in drawing strictly.
  10. Monitor the quality of work periodically; try to avail a service of an expert supervisor from your part rather than handling an unknown subject by yourself.
  11. Well need to be dug only after finalising the plan and setting it out in the ground as all upalayas need to be made only after construction of alaya’s.
  12. Bhoomi pooja and ganapathyhomam are advisable just before kuttiyatickal and vasthubalipooja before first entry in to home.


A balanced lifestyle maintains and promotes good physical and mental health. In a similar way following the path paved considering Vastu is essential for improving the quality of our lives. Vastu does not make any promises for a problem free life but it provides a medium for comfort in times of trouble and well- being in times of stress. The following list is just some benefits that you can enjoy in a house with high Vastu potential.


  • Blends the natural surroundings to the constructions.
  • Enhances your health and vitality
  • Improves your relationships and dealings with other people
  • Creates a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere in your home
  • Promotes financial prosperity
  • Creates a stress-free and supporting environment
  • Gives you inspiration and maximizes your effectiveness
  • Provides you with a refreshing and better night sleep
  • Promotes general fortune and wellbeing


  • Awakens the urge for understanding the meaning of life and death.
  • Evokes the quest for touching something more deep within and without.
  • Problem solving ability and power to make right decision.
  • Full of Energy and less fatigue.
  • Happiness and healthier frame of mind.


  • Creates expansion in business and profit
  • Increases your creativity and intelligence
  • Creates a stress free and supporting environment
  • Improves the efficiency of your employees

Terms and Conditions

All consultations will be based on charts cast on Raman Ayanamsa. No guarantee for the fulfilment of predictions made or for any products supplied is given or implied and no responsibility whatsoever, for consequences arising thereof, will be assumed or taken, in present or in future. Once consultation is done, no further correspondence on this will be entertained. Send relevant and full case history, complete and correct birth date. If incorrect birth details are furnished knowingly or unknowingly and consultation is done, fresh remittance in full has to be made for a fresh consultation, if required by the client. Fee once paid will not be refunded nor will any adjustments be made under any circumstances. Time required is anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks depending on work load after full confirmation of the order. Do not send reminders which will not be entertained. Any important development during the waiting period must be notified immediately. In case of delay, in giving consultation, due to unavoidable reasons, request can be made for refund of money. No interest will be paid on this. All predictions will be based on Hindu Astrological Cannons. The right to reject any predictive work at any point of time before or after confirmation of the order without assigning any reason whatsoever is reserved. All furnished information will be treated in confidence.

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